The IDPBA is the only official structure accredited to teach PBA (Psycho Bio Acupressure). The Institute has been created by the inventor of PBA himself, doctor Pierre-Noël Delatte, in order to develop and keep his work alive.

Its teaching staff has been directly trained and accredited by Dr Delatte.

PBA is a simple, rapid, easy-to-learn though highly effective method. It represents a major breakthrough in the complex fields of self-help techniques and psychotherapies (management of emotionally challenging states of mind, whether temporary or chronic.)

Basically a PBA session is divided into two parts:
The first section deals with the acupressure part itself.
In a nutshell, let’s say here that the simultaneous pressure of five specific points on the body generates and activates a circuit (a kind of “printed circuit”) not only on the body itself but also within the brain (each and every acupressure point has its exact counterpart at brain level.) 22 different circuits have been carefully selected, each one corresponding to a specific negative energy (or negative emotional state) and allowing the restoration of the energetic balance of the patient. Protocols are constituted by the grouping together of a number of selected circuits, each protocol targeting a definite, psycho emotional issue and dealing with it.

The second section concentrates on the identification and release of emotional blocks.
The method used here is based upon the quantum properties of the data stocked within the brain. It is the result of more than 20 years of intensive research and of more than 40,000 case studies and clinical observations made by doctor Delatte.

Emotional blocks are induced by forgotten or denied events that took place in our past, generally during childhood; they impact heavily on our behaviors. (behaviours)
Blocks produce compulsive comportments that generate massive depletion of energetic resources as well as disharmony and disconnection from our real identity. They are responsible, though of course without our knowledge, for repetitive behavioral(behavioural) patterns or failures that we generally perceive as personal flaws (lack of self-confidence, fear of personal incompetence etc.)

The role of IDPBA is to promote doctor Delatte’s technique in total respect of the deep human values he cherished and put into practice.
The Institute is the only accredited structure that guarantees both the official teaching and the development of PBA.

Working with PBA involves different aspects, such as working on oneself (an obvious requirement before committing to helping people), sharp communication skills (introducing his blocks to the patient with deep care has been one of the major preoccupations that stood at the heart of doctor Delatte’s teaching) as well as permanent support all through(throughout) the formation.

“One can provide effective help so long as one has worked on oneself.”

Level 1 workshops deal with the first aspect of PBA. This is where the application technique of the 22 circuits is taught (these circuits restore the energetic system to its original potential (work on self and family.)

From level 2 onwards, workshops concentrate on the training of future accredited PBA practitioners.