Become a Licensed Practitioner

Lasting 16 hours, this workshop represents the final exam.

The practitioner-in-training who wishes to take the 5th Level

  • must have taken Supervision 3 (for a duration of 16 hours),
  • must know all the points of the PBA circuits by heart.

The 5th Level session will be on a baby, a child, or an adult.

To be eligible to take this exam, a practitioner-in-training must be a Practitioner Intern and be able to show at least one year’s experience since attaining their 4th Level, and show records of one hundred additional consultations.

During this year of experience, the candidates must also have taken two workshops at levels 3, 4 or 5 as Non-Participant Auditors (with the two workshops making 20 hours’ training).

This module includes:

  • Model PBA session conducted by an authorized trainer
  • Completion of a full PBA session by the candidate, under the control of the licensed trainer, but this time without aid from the trainer.

The candidate must obtain a score of 90 points minimum on the 100-point evaluation matrix.

Subject to success on this first test, the candidate will be invited to prepare and submit a memoir of at least 10 pages, in which he will put forth his experience of PBA and will present several memorable cases, and will reveal what difficulties he may have experienced in the course of his training. He/She can also choose to explain how he has lived PBA since beginning to use it, and differences he has found with other techniques he used before then.

The 5th Level diploma is delivered under the direct authority of the Directress of Studies. If she is unable to attend, she may choose to have herself represented at the final exam by a jury of three practitioners, each having at least two years experience, whom she has delegated. This jury will be presided over by the trainer who gave the workshop.

The new practitioner will receive his diploma of Licensed Practitioner from the “INSTITUT DELATTE DE PSYCHO-BIO-ACUPRESSURE® (P .B .A®)”. He/She will be inscribed into the institute’s Registry of Practitioners. He/She will sign his commitment to respect the statutes of the IDPBA , in particular its Code of Conduct, and the obligation of periodic continuing education as defined in the statutes of the Institute (to attend a workshop at Level 3, 4 or 5 at least once per year).

A fully trained PBA practitioner can charge between 60 and 80 dollars per session.

Each Licensed Practitioner will agree to re-validate his/her training periodically by attending at least one workshop per year at Level 3, or 4 or 5, as a Non-Participant Auditor, in order to continually keep abreast with the evolution of PBA.