PBA is composed of two aspects:

The first aspect consists of realigning and restoring a person’s energies, using several 5-point acupressure circuits. The brain is like a computer, and thought is its energy. When we have parasitic emotions, our brain fills with negative energy, the voltage drops, as it were, and the computer bogs down. By taking a person’s pulse we identify which energy system is out of balance. Then, by tracing a 5-point acupressure circuit on the body we in effect create an antidote circuit that will chase away the disturbing energy. The person will regain a healthy voltage, and his or her immune system will be strengthened.

The second aspect concerns the evacuation of emotional blockages.

An emotional blockage is a conditioning that is created without our knowledge following certain often minimal events. It is not the event, but our perception of it, which is the cause of this conditioning. These emotional blockages then oblige us to act in an inappropriate fashion regarding our initial programming. These emotional blockages are manufactured for the most part during our early childhood, because young children do not know how to relativize. The prefrontal cortex functions correctly only after the age of ten years old.

A blockage is like a railroad switch: if it is there, even if we desperately wish to go straight ahead, we can never arrive where we want.
For example: A child whose prefrontal cortex has heard for a year that he/she amounts to nothing, runs the risk at the age of twenty years, of refusing a job that would be well within his/her capabilities, because despite his/her diplomas, he/she would be persuaded he/she could not do it. This lack of self-confidence is not part of his/her nature, it is a conditioning that was installed into the prefrontal cortex.

And if no one removes the blockage, he/she cannot, despite his/her best efforts, develop self-confidence. Fortunately, PBA can allow these blockages to be removed.

The technique: The practitioner passes a finger down the list of blockages. The blockage will create a perturbation in the tested person, and that perturbation can be felt as a modification of his/her pulse. When we verbalize the blockage to the person, we cause it to pass from the unconscious into the consciousness. Thus, the blockage leaves the zone of the brain in which it was encysted (this zone is called the amygdala) and it is evacuated toward the prefrontal cortex, whose function is to wipe out emotions.

Thanks to the circuits we have traced, the brain is filled with endorphins, and has no fear of suffering. Therefore, when the blockage is brought into

consciousness, it can be evacuated and will vanish.

What is important to know:

A blockage is not you. It is not part of your identity; these are not your defects. The origin of the blockage can be explained to the person. It does no good to seek the cause of these blockages, because most of the time one cannot find the exact cause, and we risk causing emotions or anger to flare up unnecessarily.

This is the difference between PBA and other therapies: we find and remove blockages, but we do not look for the cause. The important thing, when a train reaches a switch, is to remove the switch, and not to determine when it was set, nor what colour the train driver’s clothes were on that day.

The more blockages we find, the better. We have a chance of finding your true nature, and you will feel better after their removal.