Perfecting Your Work on Blockages – Level 3

A practitioner-in-training who wishes to take the Level 3 training must:

  • As a prerequisite, must have attended a Level 3 workshop as a Non-Participant Auditor.
  • As a prerequisite, must document his activity giving PBA sessions to at least 15 clients, which he will keep in his “client histories” portfolio.
  • Must submit copies of all his client case studies on the first day of the Level 3 workshop.
  • Must have received a PBA treatment from a certified practitioner.

The Level 3 Workshop, which lasts 16 hours, focuses on improving your work with Emotional Blockages.

  • Master consultation provided by an authorized trainer.
  • Sharing of experiences by trainees (difficulties encountered in the course of the apprenticeship: applying the technique, interpreting the pulse, acquiring the “intuitive sense”, verbalizing the blockages, and so on.)
  • Practical exercise on a volunteer with the full help of the trainer.
  • Learning to explain the basic theory of PBA in simple terms, as it applies to drawing the Circuits, defining Emotional Blockages, and the technique for Removing them.
  • Learning to sense and to draw the circuits that the client needs.
  • Learning to verbalize and remove the emotional blockages found in the client.

To be approved as a Level 3 practitioner, the candidate is required to know how to correctly do the circuits, and to know how to clearly explain what PBA is, and the technique for removing blockages.

The Level 3 evaluation is made by the authorized trainer and those persons he designates to be members of his jury, if available. The decisions are made by consensus.